Asteroid Bennu

Question: Recently NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has discovered traces of water forming ingredients i.e. hydrogen and oxygen molecules in which of the following asteroid? (a) Pallas (b) Bennu (c) Hygiea (d) Ceres Answer: (b) Related facts: […]

1st Synthetic material that gets thicker on stretching found

1st- Synthetic material that gets thicker on Stretching found

Question: Which is the first Synthetic material that gets thicker on stretching? (a) Liquid Crystal Elastomer (b) Benzaldehyde (c) Formalin (d) Thermoplastics Answer: (a) Related facts: According to Dr. Devesh Mistry from Leeds’ School of […]

Year End Review-2018-Department of Science & Technology

Question: Recently which scheme was developed by Department of Science & Technology for a period of five years? (a) NM-ICPS (National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems) (b) TARE (Teacher Associate ship for Research Excellence) (c) […]

Year End Review Department of Biotechnology

Question: What does SAEN stands for? (a) Secondary Agriculture Entrepreneurial Network (b) South Asian Entrepreneurial Network (c) Secondary Aeronautical Entrepreneurial Network (d) None of the above Answer: (a) Related facts: On 20th December 2018, Department […]