Yasir Shah

Question: Pakistan leg-spinner Yasir Shah took fastest 200 Test wickets against which of the following country?(a) England(b) Australia(c) New Zealand(d) West Answer: (c)Related facts: On 6th December, 2018; Pakistan leg-spinner Yasir Shah became the fastest […]

Exceed Sat-1

Question: Which of the following space agencies has launched India’s first private satellite?(a) SpaceX(b) NASA(c) RosComos(d) JAXAAnswer: (a)Related facts: Elon Musk-led US space agency SpaceX based in California launched India’s first privately built satellite Exseed […]

New Chief Economic Advisor

Question: Who has been appointed as the new Chief Economic Advisor of India?(a) Kaushik Basu(b) Krishnamurthy Subramaniam(c) Aditya Puri(d) Ajay Narayan JhaAnswer: (b)Related facts: The Appointment Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) appointed Krishnamurthy Subramaniam as […]