Delhi Daredevils Renamed as Delhi Capitals

Question: Recently what new name has been given to the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Delhi Daredevils?(a) Delhi Tigers(b) Delhi Rangers(c) Delhi Lions(d) Delhi CapitalsAnswer: (d)Related facts: Delhi Capitals is the new name given to […]

ISRO`s Satellite GSAT-11 Launched

Question: GSAT-11, heaviest satellite of ISRO is launched from?(a) Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Shriharikota(b) Spaceport, French Guiana(c) Baikonur Cosmodrom, Kazakhstan(d) Mojave Air and Space Port, CaliforniaAnswer: (b)Related facts: • GSAT-11 ISROs heaviest (5854 kg) and […]

George H. W. Bush

Question: Which of the following US President has contributed majorly to the end of Cold War?(a)George H W Bush(b)William Howard Taft(c)Franklin D Roosevelt(d)James A GarfieldAnswer: (a)Related facts: Eminent Republic Party politician and 41st US President […]