O-SMART scheme

o smart schemes

Question-Which cabinet committee has given its approval for O-SMART scheme? (a)Cabinet committee on economic affairs (b)Cabinet committee on political affairs (c)Cabinet committee on security (d)Cabinet committee on investment Answer-(a) Related facts- On 29 August 2018, […]

Project Navlekha

project navlekha

Question- ‘Project Navlekha’ was started by- (a)Google (b)Facebook (c)Whatsapp (d)Instagram Answer-(a) Related facts- Google has started Project Navlekhato promote regional language publishers to make their content online. In Sanskrit Navlekha means ‘a new way to […]

State Investment Potential Index

State Investment Potential

Que1. Which among the following state topped in N-SIPI-2018.? (a)Delhi (b)Uttar Pradesh (c)Maharashtra (d)Kerala Ans. (a) Related facts: On August 3, 2018, The National Council of Applied Economic Research, NCAER, released State Investment Potential Index-2018. […]

State Energy Efficiency Preparedness Index

State Investment Potential Index (2)

Question1- Which of the following state became top achiever in State Energy Efficiency Index-2018? (a)Kerala (b)Uttar Pradesh (c)Jharkhand (d)West Bengal Ans. (a) Related facts: On 1 August, 2018 Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Alliance […]