e-Sahyog and PAN camps

e-Sahyog, PAN camps

Question: Recently launched Project e-Sahyog aims to facilitate common people in which of the following field?

(a) Ease in the payment of outstanding electricity bill
(b) For the convenience of taxpayers
(c) To facilitate Rationing system for the poor
(d) To provide clean water in the village

Ans( b)

Related facts:

  • On 27 October 2015, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched two initiatives e-Sahyog and PAN camps which aims to facilitate taxpayers.
  • These two initiatives of the Income Tax Department are launched to make taxpaying process easy and simple.
  • Though it is a pilot project launched by Income tax department, it aims to reduce compliance cost, especially for small taxpayers and provide an online mechanism to them.
  • This scheme also aims at the expansion of PAN (Permanent Account Number) card holders.
  • Under this initiative special camps will be held for two days at 43 remote, semi urban and rural locations across the country.





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