Doing Business Index-2016

doing business index 2015

Question: According to World’s Bank report “Doing Business 2016” released on 27th October 2015, Name the country ranked first for ease of doing business?

(a) Singapore
(b) New Zealand
(c) India
(d) United States of America

Ans (a)

Related Facts:

  • Washington-based World Bank released 13th Doing Business Index-2016 on 27 October 2015.
  • This Year theme is “Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency”.
  • In this year report total economies of 189 countrieshas been included.
  • Doing Business Index for 2016 ranked Singapore as first, New Zealand second, Denmark third, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea are placed at fourth and fifth position respectively.
  • In Doing business report countries having least ease of doing business are Eritrea (ranked 189th), Libya (ranked 188th), South Sudan (ranked 187th), Venezuela (ranked 186th).
  • India ranked 130th on the ease of doing business. In the Doing Business 2015 report, India was ranked 142nd.
  • India’s neighboring countries are placed at following places Pakistan (138th rank), China (84th rank), Bangladesh (174th rank), Sri Lanka (107th rank) and Nepal (99th rank).
  • In the BRICS nations, Russia ranked 51th, South Africa ranked 73rd, China ranked 84th and Brazil ranked 116th.
  • In Doing Business 2016 report a country ranked higher in this list means that its regulatory environment is more favorable for the starting and operation of firms and business and lower rank represent vice versa.


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