Development of an Eco-Tourism Circuit

Development of an Eco-Tourism Circuit
Question: Which state has recently announced to develop an Eco-Tourism Circuit?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Kerala
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Karnataka
Answer: (a)
Related facts:
  • The state of Maharashtra has planned of developing an eco-tourism circuit. The government has allocated ₹351 crore for the project.
  • This circuit will connect around 350 locations to a common grid aiming to give better facilities and development of popular destinations in the State.
  • 43 destinations under the grid will be taken up in the first phase while the rest will be completed in the second and third.
  • The Maharashtra Eco-tourism Board has already taken up the project, which will include Mumbai’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Eco-Tourism project:

  • The circuit will include and connect 124 forest gardens, 43 historical forts, six tiger projects, 33 wildlife sanctuaries, 52 religious destinations, 55 eco-tourism destinations and five hill stations.
  • The draft plans for 189 out of 347 eco-tourism destinations in the State have been approved.
  • It will also encourage employment opportunities for local people with opening the options of being tourist guides, providing vehicles for tourists and doing odd jobs.
  • Local people are also being provided with training and basic facilities for it too.
  • The Maharashtra Eco-tourism Development Board was established in 2015 to provide tourists with better facilities.
  • It also encourages eco-tourism considering economic, social, and environmental aspects of a destination.


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