David Lipton

David Lipton

Question: Recently economist David Lipton has been appointed Acting Managing Director of which organisation?
(a) ILO
(b) FAO
(c) IMF
(d) FATF
Answer: (c)
Related facts:

  • On 2nd July, 2019; International Monetary Fund (IMF) appointed American economist David Lipton as its Acting Managing Director.
  • Mr. Lipton replaced Christine Lagarde as she temporarily relinquished her duties as Managing Director.
  • David Lipton assumed the position of First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund on 1st September, 2011. On 28th March, 2016, Lipton was reappointed for a second five-year term beginning 1st September, 2016.
  • Prior to this, Lipton was Special Assistant to the President and served as Senior Director for International Economic Affairs at the National Economic Council and National Security Council at the White House.


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