Combat Casualty Drugs

Combat Casualty Drugs

Question: Recently, ‘Combat Casualty drugs’ has been developed by which of the following institute?
(a) All India Institute of Medical Sciences
(b) Armed Forces Medical College, Delhi
(c) Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences
(d) None of the above
Answer :(c)
Related facts:

  • On 11th March 2019, DRDO’s Medical laboratory has come up with a range of ‘Combat Casualty Drugs’ that can extend the golden hour till the trooper is shifted to hospital.
  • It has been developed at the ‘Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences’, a laboratory of DRDO.
  • The spectrum of combat drugs includes bleeding wound sealants, super absorptive dressings and glycerinated saline.
  • It can save lives in the event of warfare in the jungle and high altitude areas as well as in terror attacks like Pulwama.
  • This range of casualty drugs is aimed at enhancing the chances of survival and minimum disability by providing effective first aid care within the golden hour.


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