Chinese Grand Prix, 2018

Question: Who amongst the following won the title of the recently concluded Formula One car race ‘Chinese Grand Prix, 2018’?
(a) Louis Hamilton
(b) Sebastian Vettel
(c) Daniel Ricciardo
(d) Valtteri Bottas
Answer: (c)
Related Facts:

  • 3rd car race of Formula One Session, 2018 “Chinese Grand Prix, 2018” concluded in Shanghai International Circuit, Jiading (Shanghai). (April 15th, 2018)
  • Competition Results:
  • Winner-Australian Driver Daniel Ricciardo Team-Red Bull Racing (Austria)
  • After the end of the three races, the Italian team Ferrari’s German driver Sebastian Vettel is at the top in score table of the FIA Formula One World Championship, 2018 with a score of 54 points.
  • In the standings of Team Championship, Mercedes (Germany) was at the top with 85 points.


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