China launched its first Sea-based Space Rocket

Question: Name the China’s first sea-based space rocket launched?
(a) CZ-11 WEY
(b) IRBM DF-4
(c) ICBMs DF-5
(d) BDS-3 M14
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • China successfully launched a Long March-11, solid propellant carrier rocket from a mobile launch platform in the Yellow Sea off east China’s Shangdong Province.
  • The rocket named CZ-11WEY carried two experimental and five commercial satellites.
  • Launching from sea has a number of advantages, such as the ability to send off rockets from a variety of locations on Earth, as well as reduced costs and risks.
  • Designed and built by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the Long March 11 is the only solid-fuel carrier rocket in the Long March family.
  • With a length of 20.8 meters, a diameter of 2 meters and a liftoff weight of 58 metric tons it is capable of delivering up to 350 kg cargo.
  • The first sea-based space rocket launch took place in 2014, when a Russian-Ukrainian Zenit-3SL space rocket took off from a floating launch pad in the Pacific Ocean.


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