Chandrayaan-2 will carry NASA’s laser instruments to moon

Chandrayaan-2 will carry NASA's laser instruments to moon

Question:Name the vehicle that will carry NASA’s laser instruments to moon?
(a) Chandrayaan-2
(b) Lunokhod 1
(c) Lunokhod 2
(d) Yutu
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • On 26th March, 2019, as per the US space agency officials; India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan 2 will carry NASA’s laser instruments that allow space scientists to make precise measurements of the distance to the Moon.
  • Retro reflectors are sophisticated mirrors that reflect laser light signals sent from the Earth. The signals can help pinpoint precisely where the lander is, which scientists can use to precisely calculate the Moon’s distance from Earth.
  • The existing reflectors are big ones, also individual reflectors instead of arrays, would waste fewer laser pulses and allow more-precise measurements of the moon’s surface.
  • Those analyses could become so detailed that scientists could see the daily rise and fall of any lander surface the device is resting on as that surface expands and contracts with the Moon’s dramatic temperature changes.

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