Chandi Lahiri

Legendary cartoonist Chandi Lahiri passes away

Question: Chandi Lahiri passed away recently. He was
(a) Environmentist
(b) Cartoonist
(c) Actor
(d) Composer
Answer: (b) 
Related Facts:

  • On January 18th, 2018, the famous cartoonist and writer Chandi Lahiri passed away. He was 87 years old.
  • He had started his career as a journalist in 1952 and became a full-time cartoonist in the next one decade.
  • His cartoons reflected the socio-political situation in West Bengal and the entire country for over 50 years.
  • Lahiri had also penned several books on cartoons, including ‘Bangla Cartooner Itihas’ (History of cartoons in Bngal).


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