Ceat Ultimate Table Tennis, 2018

Question: Which of the following team won the title of the Ceat Ultimate Table Tennis Championship, 2018, held on July 1st, 2018?
(a) Warriors TTC
(b) Maharashtra United
(c) Dabang Smashers TTC
(d) Empowerji Challengers
Answer: (c)
Related Facts:

  • Final round of Ultimate Table Tennis, 2018 Sponsored by CEAT concluded in Kolkata. (July 1, 2018)
  • Six teams participated in competition namely- Dabang Smashers TTC, Empowerji Challengers, Falcons TTC, Maharashtra United, RP-SG Mavericks and Warriors TTC.
  • Competition Results:
  • Winner – Dabang Smashers TTC (by 11-7), prize money – Rs. 1 crore
  • Runner Up – Falcons TTC, prize money – Rs. 75 lakhs
  • Competition award:
  • Standout Indian player – Manika Batra (Dabang Smashar)
  • Most Valuable Players (MVP), Women – Elizabeta Samara (Maharashtra United)
  • CEAT Most Valuable Player (Male) – Liam Pitchford (Falcons)
  • Super Saver – Matilda Ekholm (Falcons)
  • Ultimate 1 – Yoshida Masaki (Dabang Smashers)

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