Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) Act 2016 brought into force

Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) Act 2016 brought into force with effect from 12th October, 2017

Question: From which date the Indian Standards Bureau (BIS) Act, 2016 came into effect?
(a) October 5, 2017
(b) October 9, 2017
(c) October 12, 2017
(d) October 15, 2017
Answer- (c) 
Related Facts:

  • A new Bureau of Indian standard (BIS) Act 2016which was notified on 22nd March, 2016, has been brought into force with effect from 12th October, 2017.
  • This Act was notified in Parliament in March 2016.
  • Indian Standards Bureau (BIS) Act, 1986 was implemented in the country so far.
  • The Act has enabling provisions for the Government to bring under compulsory certification regime any goods or article of any scheduled industry, process, system or service which it considers necessary in the public interest or for the protection of human, animal or plant health, safety of the environment, or prevention of unfair trade practices, or national security.
  • Enabling provisions have also been made for making hallmarking of the precious metal articles mandatory.
  • The new Act also allows multiple type of simplified conformity assessment schemes including self-declaration of conformity against a standard which will give simplified options to manufacturers to adhere to the standards and get certificate of conformity.


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