Beijing International Marathon 2015


Ques: Who won Beijing International Marathon men’s title in 2015?

a. Berhanu Tolcha
b. Mariko Kipchumba
c. Wirimal Juwawo
d. Bekna Tolesa

Ans: b

Related facts:

  • 35th International Marathon 2015 (Hyundai Beijing Marathon) was held in China.
  • Kenyan runner Mariko Kipchumba completed the race in 2:11:00 to win the men’s title.
  • He is the first non-Ethiopian athlete to win the event since 2011.
  • Berhanu Tolcha from Ethiopia came in second place in 2:11:37, followed by Wirimai Juwawo of Zimbabwe, who finished the 42.195-kilometer course in 2:14:25.
  • However In women’s competition, Ethiopian runner Betelhem Cherenet bagged home the title in 2:27:31.
  • The best record for men’s competition is 2:07:16, created by Ethiopian Tadese Tola Woldegeberel in 2013.


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