Bangladesh Developed Plastic Alternative from Jute

Question: What is the name of Bio-Degradable cellulose sheets converted from jute fibre developed by Bangladeshi scientists?
(a) Sonali
(b) Mudrika
(c) Rubi
(d) Silk
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • Scientists in Bangladesh have developed a method to convert Jute fibre into low-cost Bio-Degradable cellulose sheets.
  • The name of this cellulose sheet is Sonali.
  • It has been developed by the team of scientist working for state-run Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC).
  • The commercial production of these bags is likely to start by end of 2019.

About Sonali

  • The word Sonali is the Bengali word for golden. As per Mubarak Ahmad Khan, the scientific adviser to the state-run Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC), the physical qualities of invented jute fibre and plastic are quite similar.
  • Eco-friendly jute poly bags made up of Sonali can be used in garments and food packaging work and wrapping material and as carrying bag.
  • Despite being biodegradable, the polymer is water and air resistant. At the same time, its texture is almost the same as polythene bags.
  • The material is durable and can support more weight than the conventionally used polythene bags.


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