Ballon d’or 2018

Ballon d'or

Question: Consider the following statements regarding Ballon d’or- 2018:
1. Christiano Ronaldo has won the prestigious award for the 5 times in a row.
2. Ada Hegerberg has won the award in women category. Choose the correct options of the following:
(a) Only 1
(b) Only 2
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2
Answer: (b)
Related facts:

  • Luka Modric of Croatia has won the prestigious Ballon d’or award for 2018 whereas Ada Hegerberg of Norway bagged theprestigious award in women category
  • Croatianfootballer Luka Modric has broken the dominance of Christiano Ronaldo and LionelMessi. Both the players have won award 5 times each.
  • Norwegianplayer Ada Hegerberg is the first player to be awarded with award Ballon d’or feminine.
  • The Ballon d’Or (“GoldenBall“) is an annual football awardpresented by France Football (French weekly magazine containing footballnews from all over the world). It has been awarded since 1956.


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