Badarpur-Faridabad Metro Line

Badarpur-Faridabad Metro railway section

Ques: BadarpurFaridabad area was in the limelight recently, for-

a. Communal riots
b. Industrial development
c. Metro line extension
d. Earthquake

Ans: c

Related facts:

  • 6 September, 2015, Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi inaugurated Badarpur-Faridabad Metro Line extension.
  • This will connect the national capital with the satellite town and hoped that it would give impetus to economic growth in the region.
  • The newly built section is using clean energy in the form of solar power to generate around 2 Megawatts (peak) to help run its operations.
  • The 14-km-long extension has nine stations from Sarai to Escorts Mujesar, covering large part of the satellite township.
  • Two more stations, NCB Colony and Ballabgarh, will come up by 2017.
  • 2 lakh people per day will be able to travel to Delhi and Haryana’s industrial sector with this railway section.


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