Ashok Singhal

Ashok Singhal

Ques- Ram temple movement leader Ashok Singhal was associated with which organization?

(a) Hindu sena

(b) Shri Ram Sena

(c) Vishwa Hindu Parishad

(d) Hindu Maha Sabha


Related facts:

  • On 17 November 2015, the (VHP) Vishva Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal (89), passed away at Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon.
  • He was born in Agra on October 2 in 1926; in the family of Mahavir Singhal. Ashok Singhal has a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University Institute of Technology in 1950.
  • While being a president in (VHP), he is also a successful author, organizer, an articulate speakeras well associal reformer.
  • Having been associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) since 1942, he became a full-time pracharak after his graduation. He worked almost 40 years as promoter in the Union.
  • In 1981, the (VHP) conference held in Delhi under the leadership of viratSingh after they decided tojoin a (RSS) sangh and became active member.
  • In the 1980s he became a symbol of the Ayodhya movement. . He launched the Ram Janki Rath Yatra in 1985 and demanded the opening of the locks at Ram Janmabhoomi.
  • He became (VHP) general secretary and, later he worked as president, a role in which he continued he spread his work in the world.


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