Army invokes emergency powers for missile deals

Army invokecs emergency powers for missile deals
Question: Which Missile system will be procured by the Indian Army by using the financial power given to them for emergency procurement?
(a) S400
(b) Spike LR Anti Tank Missile
(c) F-35 jet deal
(d) Agni 7
Answer: (b)
Related facts:
  • The Army is in the process of procuring Spike-LR Anti-Tank Missiles from Israel and Igla-S Very Short Range Air Defence Systems (VSHORAD) from Russia.
  • It will be procured by using its new financial power for emergency procurements sanctioned by the Defence Ministry earlier this month.
  • Under this emergency financial powers, the armed forces have been set free for the procurement of equipments worth up to ₹300 crore on a priority basis.
  • The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the two deals has been issued and negotiations are going on.
  • Tenders for both deals had gone through regular procurement process.
  • The Spike tender was cancelled during the cost negotiation phase, the deal for Igla, is in the cost negotiation phase, after repeated delays.
  • The Army is working on to procure about 12 launchers and around 250 missiles for each system with the emergency route. Deliveries have to be completed in three months being extendable to six months.
  • The Spike-LR (Long Range) being procured is a different variant from the one tested and shortlisted as part of the earlier procurement for over 8,000 missiles and 300 launchers along with technology transfer.
  • The Spike-LR (Long Range) has a range of 4 km. It is yet unclear if additional trials would be performed as part of the emergency procurement.
  • The deal for VSHORAD began in 2010 to replace the legacy Igla systems in service. It has since then seen several trials and re-trials.
  • Officials said the emergency procurements were one of critical procurement and not related to the acquisitions through the regular route, in a bid to assure that these would not impact the regular deals.


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