Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Question: Nile Islands is located in
(a) Andaman and Nicobar
(b) Lakshadweep
(c) Egypt
(d) Run of Kutch
Answer: (a)
Related Facts:

  • On October 5, 2017, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Central Shipping, Road Transport and Highways and Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Conservation Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated an alternate sea route to Baratang Island.
  • In addition to this, the two Ministers laid the foundation stone for extension of dry dock in Port Blair, extension of wharf in Hope Town and construction of an additional jetty along with extension of Berthing Jetty in Neil Island at an event in Port Blair in A&N Islands.
  • The sea route to Baratang will provide an alternative to the National Highways-4 route that linked Baratang to Port Blair, passing through the Jarawa Tribal Reserve.
  • This route connects Bartang to Port Blair.
  • The project for extension of wharf in Hope Town is expected to be complete by February 2018.
  • The wharf is used for movement of petroleum products.
  • The construction of additional approach jetty and extension of existing jetty at Neil Island is expected to be complete by March 2018.
  • The extension of Dry Dock –II at Port Blair will help augment the available ship building and ship repair facilities. The project is expected to be complete by September 2019.


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