Alenka Ermenc

Alenka Ermenc

Question: Alenka Ermenc has been appointed as the head of its army, she belongs to-
(a) Romania
(b) Serbia
(c) Croatia
(d) Slovenia
Answer: (d)
Related facts:

  • Slovenia became first NATO member state appointing a female officer Major General Alenka Ermenc as the head of its army replacing Major Gen Alan Geder.
  • Ermenc will now lead the country’s 7,500 troops, which also include reserves. She was promoted to the rank of major general last week, marking the first woman to hold that position.
  • Ermenc, educated in the United Kingdom was also deployed in Kosovo for six months as part of a peacekeeping mission in 2009. She started her military career as a member of the Territorial Forces that played a key role in winning Slovenia’s independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
  • About Slovenia:
  • Slovenia, a small eastern European country of just over two million inhabitants is a republic with a parliamentary democracy and a multi-party system. The president is the head of state; he is elected by popular vote.Its capital is Ljubljana.
  • After World War II, Slovenia became a republic of the renewed Yugoslavia, which though communist, but distanced itself from Russian influence.
  • Slovenia finally got independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Since then, Slovenia has successfully integrated into the international community and is becoming a full member of the European Union and joined NATO.


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