1st Synthetic material that gets thicker on stretching found

1st- Synthetic material that gets thicker on Stretching found

Question: Which is the first Synthetic material that gets thicker on stretching?
(a) Liquid Crystal Elastomer
(b) Benzaldehyde
(c) Formalin
(d) Thermoplastics
Answer: (a)
Related facts:

  • According to Dr. Devesh Mistry from Leeds’ School of Physics and Astronomy told Digital Trends about a new synthetic material Liquid Crystal Elastomer which actually gets thicker the more it’s stretched.
  • Governing branch of science which deals with its study is known as Auxetics. Auxetic materials get thicker and they are also great at energy absorption and resisting fracture.
  • Some examples of other Auxetic materials include cat skin, tendons in the human body, and the protective layer in muscle shells.
  • In some cases experiments on these materials prove them to be weak & porous.
  • There may be many potential applications for materials with these properties including body armour, architecture and medical equipment.


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