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International Youth Day 2017

International Youth Day

Question: International Youth Day is observed on …
(a) 11th August
(b) 13th August
(c) 12th August
(d) 10th August
Related facts:

  • International Youth Day was observed across the world on August 12.
  • International Youth day theme for year 2017 is “Youth Building Peace”.
  • It is worth mentioning that On 17 December 1999, in its resolution 54/120, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 8-12 August 1998) that 12 August be declared International Youth Day.


World BioFuel Day 2017

World BioFuel Day 2017

Question: World BioFuel Day is observed on …
(a) 8th August
(b) 10th August
(c) 6th August
(d) 7th August
Related facts:

  • World BioFuel Day was observed on 10thAugust across the world.
  • In 1893, Sir Rudolph Diesel (inventor of the diesel engine) for the first time successfully ran mechanical engine with Peanut Oil on this day.
  • Since then to mark this extraordinary achievement, August 10th is observed as World Bio Fuel Day.
  • The objective of “World Biofuel Day” is to create awareness about non fossil-fuels (Green Fuels).
  • Biofuel is renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and environment friendly.
  • Government of India has declared that “The World BioFuel Day” will be celebrated across 100 districts of the country in various states to create awareness about the bio fuel programme.
  • These awareness campaigns are scheduled to be held between 11th to 14th August 2017
  • It is noteworthy that in continuation to various initiatives in the area of Bioenergy, Government of India celebrated the “Bioenergy Urja Utsav” on 7/8th July 2017 at Pune which was the largest event on Bioenergy in India.


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World Breastfeeding Week

Question: World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is observed in the first week of …
(a) August
(d) October
Ans: (a)
Related facts:-

  • World Breastfeeding Week is being observed throughout the world during 1-7 August, 2017.
  • The theme of the World Breastfeeding Week in 2017 is ‘Sustaining Breastfeeding Together’.
  • It is worth mentioning that it is celebrated in the first week of August every year to encourage and support breastfeeding.
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has started the program ‘MAA: Mother’s Absolute Affection’ at the national level to promote breastfeeding.
  • In addition, “National Guidelines on Lactation Management Centres in Public Health Facilities” have been recently released to facilitate establishment of lactation management centres for ensuring that the sick and pre-term babies are fed with safe human breast milk.
  • Breastfeeding is an important efficient and cost-effective intervention promoting child survival and health. Breastfeeding within an hour of birth could prevent 20% of the newborn deaths.
  • Infants who are not breastfed are 15 times more likely to die from pnuemonia and 11 times more likely to die from diarrhoea than children who are exclusively breastfed, which are two leading causes of death in children under-five years of age.
  • As per recent data, initial breastfeeding has been nearly doubled in last decade. i.e from 23.4 per cent to 41.6 per cent (NFHs-3, 2005-06 and 4, 2015-16).

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