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Shimla gets its first ropeway

Jakoo Ropeway Project

Question-Jakoo Ropeway Project is located in which state?
(a) Uttarakhand
(b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) Jammu and Kashmir
(d) Arunachal Pradesh
Ans: (b)
Related facts:-

  • On April 10, 2017, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh inaugurated the Jakoo Ropeway project.
  • The cost amount of this project is Rs. 40 crores.
  • The foundation stone of the Jakhu Ropeway project was done in July 2007.
  • This ropeway has been constructed by Jagson International.
  • This ropeway will provide pilgrims to reach the Hanuman temple in Jakhu in five minutes.
  • In Ropeway, built on Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode, the company will provide a dividend of Rs. 57 lakhs per year to the government and 15% of the collected amount each year through the tourism department.
  • This will encourage tourism industry.

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NDMP review workshop

National Disaster Management Plan

Question: On which year did the first National Disaster Management Plan started by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
(a) June 2014
(b) July, 2015
(c) May, 2015
(d) June 2016
Ans :(d)
Related facts:-

  • On 12-13 April, 2017; an advisory workshop was organized to review the National Disaster Management Plan (NPMP) in New Delhi.
  • This workshop was inaugurated by Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiran Rijiju.
  • It was Organized by the National Disaster Management Authority
  • In this workshop, all stakeholders discussed the plan and suggested for improvement in it.
  • It is significant that in June 2016, the first National Disaster Management Plan was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • The goal of this scheme is to enable India to withstand disaster and minimize loss of life and property.
  • Recently, India has linked this national scheme to the Sendai Framework.
  • This framework was adopted in the 3rd United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction organized in Sendai, Japan in March 2015.
  • Under this scheme, a blueprint for disaster management will be prepared in the entire country.
  • For its implementation Panchayat, urban local body, all government and non-governmental organizations, civil society and weak community will be included.

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NMCG approves Sewage Treatment Projects Worth Rs. 2100 Crore

National Clean Ganga Mission Approves Sewage Treatment Projects

Question: Recently, 26 projects were sanctioned under the Namami Ganges program by the National Clean Ganga Mission. What is the estimated cost amount of these projects?
(a) 1998.25 crores
(b) 2025.18 crores
(c) 2154.28 crores
(d) 2230.54 crores
Ans: (c)
Related facts:-

  • On April 8, 2017; 26 projects were sanctioned under the Namami Ganges Program by National Clean Ganga Mission.
  • The estimated cost of these projects is Rs. 2154.28 crores.
  • This amount will be spent on rehabilitation of 598 MLD of existing STP capacity, creating new treatment capacity of approximately 188 million liters (MLD) per day in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Delhi states.
  • Apart from this, the amount will be spent on upgradation, interception and diversion of 30 MLD of current STP capacity and on 145.05 km sewerage network.
  • 100 percent central financing is done for new projects under Namami Gange Program.
  • The completion of these projects will reduce the pollution of Ganga River.
  • It is noteworthy that the dissipation of untreatable effluents is one of the major sources of pollution in the Ganges River.

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