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World BioFuel Day 2017

World BioFuel Day 2017

Question: World BioFuel Day is observed on …
(a) 8th August
(b) 10th August
(c) 6th August
(d) 7th August
Related facts:

  • World BioFuel Day was observed on 10thAugust across the world.
  • In 1893, Sir Rudolph Diesel (inventor of the diesel engine) for the first time successfully ran mechanical engine with Peanut Oil on this day.
  • Since then to mark this extraordinary achievement, August 10th is observed as World Bio Fuel Day.
  • The objective of “World Biofuel Day” is to create awareness about non fossil-fuels (Green Fuels).
  • Biofuel is renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and environment friendly.
  • Government of India has declared that “The World BioFuel Day” will be celebrated across 100 districts of the country in various states to create awareness about the bio fuel programme.
  • These awareness campaigns are scheduled to be held between 11th to 14th August 2017
  • It is noteworthy that in continuation to various initiatives in the area of Bioenergy, Government of India celebrated the “Bioenergy Urja Utsav” on 7/8th July 2017 at Pune which was the largest event on Bioenergy in India.


Mr. Najam Aziz Sethi elected as Chairman PCB

New elected Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board

Question: Who amongst the following has been chosen as new Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board?
(a) Shahryar Khan
(b) Najam Aziz Sethi
(c) Sharjeel Khan
(d) Khalid Latif
Related facts:

  • On August 9, 2017, in a meeting of PCB’s governing Board held at National Cricket Academy, Lahore, Mr. Najam Aziz Sethi was unanimously elected as Chairman PCB.
  • Mr. Sethi succeeds Shahryar Khan.


BJP MP from Ajmer Sanwar Lal Jat passes away

Sanwar Lal Jat

Question: Prof. Sanwar Lal Jat, the Member of Parliament recently passed away. He was MP from which of the following Lok Sabha seats?
(a) Agra
(b) Ajmer
(c) Chhindwara
(d) Udaipur
Related facts:

  • On August 9, 2017, Prof. Sanwar Lal Jat, a Member of Parliament passed away in New Delhi. He was of 62 years old.
  • He was elected Member of Parliament from Ajmer (Rajasthan) Lok Sabha Constituency in 2014 elections.
  • He was Minister of State for Water Resources from November 2014 to July 2016 in the Narendra Modi government.
  • He was also elected as member of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Rajasthan legislative Assembly from Bhinay Assembly seat (1990-2008).
  • Apart from these, he had also served as a minister in Rajasthan government in from 1993-1998 and 2003-2008.


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