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Facebook, Oculus to pay $500 million to ZeniMax

Facebook, Oculus to pay $500 million to ZeniMax

Question: Oculus is a … of Facebook.
(a) subsidiary
(b) owner
(c) partner
(d) None of the above.
Ans: (a)

  • On 1st February, 2017, a U.S. jury in Texas ordered Facebook Inc, its virtual reality unit Oculus, and other defendants to pay a combined $500 million to ZeniMax Media Inc.
  • ZeniMax Media Inc is a video game publisher that had claimed that Oculus stole its technology.
  • Facebook acquired Oculus for about $2 billion in 2014.
  • The jury in federal court in Dallas found Oculus used ZeniMax’s computer code to launch the Rift virtual-reality headset.
  • ZeniMax alleges that video game designer John Carmack developed core parts of the Rift’s technology while working at a ZeniMax subsidiary.
  • Though the jury ruled that none of the defendants misappropriated ZeniMax’s trade secrets, it found Oculus’ use of computer code directly violated ZeniMax’s copyright.


World's longest non-stop commercial flight lands in New Zealand

Qatar Airlines: World’s longest commercial flight

Question: Recently Qatar Airways started world’s longest commercial flight between which of the following places?
(a) Dubai to Auckland
(b) Dubai to Perth
(c) Doha to Auckland
(d) Doha to Perth
Ans: (c)
Related facts:

  • On 5 February 2017; Qatar Airways launched world’s longest commercial flight to Auckland, New Zealand, from Doha.
  • The world’s longest commercial flight has landed in New Zealand after a 9,032-mile (14,535 km.) flight from Doha.
  • In keeping with international tradition to welcome inaugural flights, the Auckland airport rescue service showered the plane with water cannons on arrival.
  • In 2015 Emirates airline launched what was then world’s longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight, with a service from Dubai to Auckland, spanning 14,200 km.


UIDAI shutdown fraud sites offering Aadhaar services

UIDAI shutdown fraud sites offering Aadhaar services

Question: Recently Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) directed authorities for the closure of how many fraud websites offering Aadhar services?
(a) 60
(b) 50
(c) 100
(d) 80
Ans. (c)
Related facts:

  • On 3 February 2016 Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has shut down 12 fraud websites offering Aadhar services and 12 mobile apps available on the Google Playstore.
  • The UIDAI has further directed authorities for the closure of another 26 such fraudulent and illegal websites and mobile applications.
  • It should be known that some websites and mobile apps were luring citizens to share their basic information and Aadhaar number under the pretext of getting them Aadhaar card or offering other Aadhaar related services.
  • At present, any Aadhaar-related demographic information can only be shared following the procedures laid down in the Aadhaar Act, 2016.
  • Any violation is punishable under Section 38 and Chapter VII of the Aadhaar Act that provides punishment for “Whoever, not being authorised by the Authority, intentionally accesses or secures, downloads, copies or extracts any data from the Central Identities Data Repository or stored in any removable storage medium.
  • These illegal websites and mobile applications (downloadable through Google Playstore) were providing unauthorised Aadhaar-related services such as downloading online Aadhaar card, providing the status of Aadhaar generation, PVC (plastic) Aadhaar Card, to residents. In the process, these agencies were illegally obtaining the Aadhaar number and enrolment details from the residents.
  • It should be noted that UIDAI has not authorised the owners of these mobile applications or websites to extend any Aadhaar-related services on its behalf.
  • Www.Uidai.Gov.In is the only authorised website of UIDAI.
  • The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a central government agency of India.
  • Its objective is to collect the biometric and demographic data of residents, store them in a centralised database, and issue a 12-digit unique identity number called Aadhaar to each resident.
  • It is considered the world’s largest national identification number project.


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