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Meghalaya passes resolution opposing Centre's notification on cattle sale

Resolution passed against ban on cattle sale for slaughter

Question: Legislative assemblies of which of the two states have passed resolution against ban on cattle sale for slaughter?
(a) Tamilnadu, Mizoram
(b) Nagaland, Tripura
(c) Kerala, Meghalaya
(d) Meghalaya, Nagaland
Ans :(c)
Related facts:-

  • On June 12, 2017, the Meghalaya Assembly unanimously passed a resolution opposing the Centre’s notification banning the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter.
  • The Resolution also seeks withdrawal of the government’s decision.
  • Kerala Assembly has already passed a resolution against central government’s notification to this effect on June 08, 2017.
  • Importantly, the ministry of environment, forest and climate change issued the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017 on May23, 2017.

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The Cirrus Vision JET

World’s smallest and cheapest private jet

Question: Recently, the world’s smallest and cheapest private jet has been launched by U.S. based company Cyrus Aircraft for Rs 12.62 crore. What is the name of this jet?
(a) Real Jet
(b) Vision Jet
(c) Laser Jet
(d) Nano Jet
Ans :(b)
Related facts:-

  • On June 7, 2017, the world’s smallest and cheapest private jet, called ‘Vision Jet’, was launched by US-based aviation company Cyrus Aircraft for Rs 12.62 crore.
  • The Vision Jet is the first private jet with only a single engine and it’s also flyable by a single pilot, both of which help to keep production and operating costs low.
  • The Vision Jet can cruise at 345 mph at a maximum operating altitude of 28,000 feet.
  • It can takes off in just over 2,000 feet of runway.

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IIT-Kharagpur technology to monitor patients in ambulances

Technology developed to monitor patients in ambulance

Question: Which institute recently developed the wireless technology, ‘AmbuSense’, to monitor the situation of the patients being brought in the ambulance?
(a) IIT, Bombay
(b) IIT, Madras
(c) IIT, Kharagpur
(d) IIT, Kanpur
Ans :(c)
Related facts:-

  • On June 2, 2017, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur briefed about the development of a wireless technology to keep a close watch on the patients being brought ambulance.
  • This wireless technology has been named ‘AmbuSense’.
  • It has been developed in the Sawan Lab of IIT Computer Science and Engineering Department.
  • AmbuSense is capable of monitoring the various types of physical activity, such as ECG, heartbeat, temperature and blood pressure through wireless.
  • This can be applied to monitor a patient’s status in an ambulance.
  • In this system, the privacy of patient’s data can be kept safe by using analytical and computing power of cloud computing.
  • The web interface of this AmbuSense system helps in giving graphics based information to the physicians.
  • It can also be obtained on internet connected laptops, tablets and Smartphones.
  • This technology will be extremely beneficial for referring patients, who are transferred from remote areas to city hospitals.

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