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World Chess Championship

World Chess Championship-2016

Question: Who among the following has won the World Chess Championship-2016?
(a) Magnus Carlsen
(b) Sergey Karjakin
(c) Viswanathan Anand
(d) None of the above
Ans: (a)
Related facts:

  • On 30 November 2016;Magnus Carlsen won the 2016 World Chess Championship in New York City, USA.
  • Carlsen defeated Sergey Karjakin to retain the World Chess Champion title.
  • It’s the third time that Carlsen has won the championship.
  • He has reigned as world champion since 2013.
  • Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grandmaster.
  • The World Chess Championship is played to determine the World Champion in chess.


The Hoogeveen Chess Tournament 2016

Hoogeveen Chess Tournament-2016

Question: Name the Indian player who recently created history at the Hoogeveen International chess tournament by becoming the first player ever to win the title twice in a row in the FIDE Open?
(a) Sahaj Grover
(b) S.L Narayanan
(c) Sandipan Chanda
(d) Abhijeet Gupta
Ans: (d)
Related facts:

  • From15 October to 22 October 2016; Hoogeveen Chess Tournament was held at the Dutch hamlet.
  • Grandmaster and Commonwealth champion Abhijeet Gupta created history by becoming the first player ever to win the title twice in a row in the FIDE Open..
  • Abhijeet Gupta scored 7.5 points out of a possible nine to win the title solely ahead of second placed Grandmaster Sandipan Chanda.
  • Third and fourth places were also bagged by M R Lalith Babu and M Shyam Sundar respectively.


FIDE Women's Grand Prix

FIDE Women’s Grand Prix

Question: Who among the following has won the title of recently held FIDE Women’s Grand Prix-2016?
(a) Pia Cramling
(b) Mariya Muzychuk
(c) Dronavalli Harika
(d) Olga Girya
Ans:( c )

  • The final round of the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix was played on 1 to 15 July 2016 in Chengdu, China.
  • Koneru Humpy defeated Antoaneta Stefanova to catch up with her compatriot Dronavalli Harika on the shared first place with 7/11 points each.
  • On 14 July 2016 in the final match against Russian Grandmaster Olga, Indian Grandmaster Dronavalli Harika played draw with a total of 7 points won the competition.
  • Harika, however, was awarded with the winner’s trophy due to better tie-break – a win in the head-to-head match.
  • This was Dronavlli Harika’s first Grand Prix title.
  • Ju Wenjun of China was awarded the cup for third place with 6 points.


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