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Gama Reykjavik Open-2018

Question: Who won the title of the Gama Reykjavik Open-2018 Chess Tournament, held on March 14th, 2018?
(a) Anees Giri
(b) Bhaskaran Adan
(c) Abhijeet Gupta
(d) Maxim lagarde
Answer: (b) 
Related Facts 

  • Gama Reykjavik Open-2018 (Bobby Fisher Memorial) concluded at Reykjavik, Iceland. (March 6-14, 2018)
  • Sponsor-GAMMA
  • Competition Result:
  • Winner- Baskaran Adhiban (India), 7.5 out of 9
  • 2nd place- Maxim Lagarde (France)
  • 3rd place- Yilmaz Mustafa (Turkey)
  • Bhaskaran is the second Indian to win this title after the Abhijeet Gupta (year 2016).


Tata Steel chess 2018

Tata Steel Chess Tournament, 2018

Question: Who amongst the following won the title of Tata Steel’s Chess Tournament Challenger Group concluded recently?
(a) Viswanathan Anand
(b) Magnus Carlsen
(c) Sergei Kajakin
(d) Santosh Vidit Gujarati
Answer: (d)
Related Facts:

  • The international Chess competition ‘Tata Steel Chess Tournament, 2018’ concluded in the Wijk Aan Zee, Netherlands. (January 12-28, 2018)
  • The competition was played in Masters, Challengers and Amateur categories.
  • Competition Results:
  • Masters Group (New line winner)
  • Winner– Magnus Carlsen (Norway), registered win for the record sixth time.
  • Second Place – Anis Giri (Netherlands)
  • Challengers Group
  • Winners-Santosh Vidit Gujarati (India)
  • Second-Anton Korobov (Ukraine)
  • Amateur Group
  • Winner-Stefan Kuipers (Netherlands)
  • Second place-Liam Vorlijk (Netherlands)
  • With this win Vidit qualifies for the Tata Steel Masters Tournament, 2019.
  • Viswanathan Anand from India finished fifth in the Masters Group with 8.0 points.


London Chess Classic & GCT 2017

London Chess Classic -2017

Question: Who amongst the following won the title of the recently concluded London Classic Chess Competition, 2017?
(a) Levon Aronian
(b) Magnus Carlsen
(c) Viswanathan Anand
(d) Wesley So
Answer: (b)
Related Facts:

  • The London Chess Classic and the Grand Chess Tour concludes. (December 11, 2017)
  • Tournament Result:
    Winner- Magnus Carlsen (Norway)
  • This win has made Carlson 41 points in the Grand Chase Tour and he moved to the first place by overtaking Maxime Vachier Lagr (38 points).
  • Carlsen has won of the Grand Chase Tour for the second time.
  • Viswanathan Anand of India remained at the ninth place in the score table based on the performance of five major tournaments.


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