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2016 London Marathon

London Marathon-2016

Question: Who has won the men’s title of the recently held London Marathon-2016?
(a) Stanley Biwott
(b) Manish Singh
(c) Khushbir Kaur
(d) Eliud Kipchoge
Ans (d)
Related facts:

  • The 2016 London Marathon took place on 24 April 2016.
  • It was the 36th running of the annual mass-participation marathon race and the third World Marathon Major of the year.
  • The men’s race was won by Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya.
  • Kipchoge completed the marathon in 2 hours 3 minutes 5 seconds.
  • It may be recalled that Kipchoge had won the race in 2015 by completing the race in 2 hours 4 minutes 42 seconds.
  • The women’s race was won by Kenyan Jemima Sumgong of Kenya.
  • She completed the race in 2 hours 22 minutes 58 seconds.
  • The 2015 London Marathon was won by Tigist Tufa, an Ethiopian marathon runner in a time of 2 hours 23 minutes 3 seconds, making her the first female Ethiopian to win the race in 14 years.



Boston Marathon

Question: Who has won the title of women’s category in the recently held Boston Marathon?
(a) Atsede Baysa
(b) Tirfi Tsegaye
(c) Jelena Prokopcuka
(d) Fate Tola
Ans (a)
Related facts:

  • Lemi Berhanu Hayle of Euthopia has won the men’s title of Boston Marathon (United States) which was concluded on 18 April 2016.
  • Hayle took 2 hours 12 minutes 45 seconds to cover a distance of 42.195 km.
  • Atsede Baysa of Euthopia has won the women’s title of recently held Boston Marathon (United States). She finished the race in 2 hours 29 minutes 19 seconds.


7th Asian Indoor Athletics Championship

Asian Indoor Athletics Championship 2016

Question: In 2016 Asian Indoor Athletics Championships held in February 2016 at Doha, India ranked-
(a) 7th
(b) 8th
(c) 9th
(d) 10th
Ans (b)
Related facts:

  • The 2016 Asian Indoor Athletics Championships was the seventh edition of the international indoor athletics event between Asian nations. It took place at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar, between 19 and 21 February.
  • In this championship 267 athletes from 36 nations participated in 26 Events.
  • Medal tally for the top three countries is as follows:
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Qatar 6 1 3 10
2  China 5 5 2 12
3  Kazakhstan 4 2 4 10
  • India Ranked 8th in the Championship with total 7 medals including 1 Gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals.
  • India’s only gold medal was won by athlete Mayookha Johnny in Long Jump in which she managed to touch  35 m mark.
  • Indian Women’s team was ranked 6th and Indian men team was ranked 8th in the championship.


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