सामयिक विषय: Defense/Science Short Notes

NASA jets for first time will chase solar eclipse

NASA jets for first time will chase solar eclipse

Question:-By which of the following NASA’s research jets scientists are planning to chase the shadow of the moon during the upcoming total solar eclipse in the U.S. ?
(a) WB-56E
(b) WB-57F
(c) WC-58E
(d) WC-56F
Answer:- (b)
Related facts:-

  • Scientists from NASA for first time are planning to chase the shadow of the moon during total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.
  • This task will be performed using two of NASA’s WB-57F research jets during the upcoming total solar eclipse in US.
  • The purpose of the chase is to capture the clearest ever images of the Sun’s outer atmosphere.
  • The research jets (planes) will have twin telescopes mounted on the noses of the planes to capture clearest images of Sun’s corona to date.
  • They will also undertake first-ever thermal images of Mercury to reveal how temperature varies across the planet’s surface.
  • The total solar eclipse will provide rare opportunity for scientists to study the sun, particularly its atmosphere. During this eclipse, moon will completely cover the sun and perfectly blocking its light so that faint corona is easily seen against the dark sky.
  • The two research planes will observe the total eclipse for about three and a half minutes each. The vantage point on planes will provide distinct advantages over ground-based observations.
  • The planes will also take observations of Mercury 30 minutes before and after sky is still relatively dark. These images will be taken in the infrared and will be the first attempt to map the variation of temperature across the surface of the planet.
  • The planes will be flying high in the stratosphere to avoid Earth’s atmosphere for improving image quality. The sky will be also 20–30 times darker at the altitude where planes will be flying than as seen from the ground.
  • There is also much less atmospheric turbulence, that will allow fine structures and motions in sun’s corona to be visible.


Reliance Defence launches first two Navy ships

Reliance Defence launches first two Navy ships

Question:-Recently Reliance Defence launched first two Navy ships. The name of these shipsare…?
(a) Shreya and Shruti
(b) Shraddha and Jalnidhi
(c) Shachi and Shruti
(D) Sunidhi and Samriddhi
Answer :-(c)
Related facts:-

  • On July 25, 2017, Reliance Infrastructure controlled Reliance Defence and Engineering Limited (RDEL) launched the first two Naval Offshore Patrol Vessels named ‘Shachi’ and ‘Shruti’ at their shipyard in Pipavav, Gujarat.
  • The two Naval Offshore Patrol Vessels (NOPVs) are a part of five ships under P-21 project being constructed for the Indian Navy by RDEL.
  • The five NOPVs being constructed at Reliance Shipyard are patrol ships and are armed with 76mm Super Rapid Gun Mount (SRGM) system along with two 30mm AK-630 guns which provide medium range and short range offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • The Company is also engaged in construction of one Training ship and fourteen Fast Petrol Vessels (FPVs) for the Indian Cost Guard.
  • RDEL previously has also built ships for varied clients including Ice Bulk Carriers for Norwegian company, Offshore Support Vessels for ONGC and Offshore Deck Cargo Barges for NPCC-UAE. The company has also repaired and retrofitted commercial and defence ships as well as mobile oil drilling platforms for international clients.
  • Reliance Defence and Engineering Limited is the first private shipyard in India to obtain defence production license and sign a contract for defence ships in 2011.
  • The Maharashtra Government has allotted land at Mihan near Nagpur for development of India’s first smart city for the defence sector known as Dhirubhai Ambani Aerospace Park (DAAP).


World's first floating wind farm

World’s first floating wind farm

Question:-Recently in which coast place was started to take shape First floating wind farm ?
(a) Thailand
(b) England
(c) France
(d) Scotland
Answer:- (d)
Related facts:-

  • According to reports dated July 23, 2017, the world’s first full—scale floating wind farm — is being built off the coast of Scotland.
  • The technology will enable wind power to be harvested in waters that are too deep for the existing bottom—standing turbines.
  • The wind farm, known as Hywind, is a trial project which is expected to bring power to 20,000 homes.
  • The foating wind form is being developed by Norway—based manufacturer Statoil.
  • The tower, including the blades, measure 175 meters in height, dwarfing Big Ben. Each tower weighs 11,500 tonnes.
  • Each blade is 75 meters long — almost the wing span of an Airbus. The blades harness breakthrough software which holds the tower upright by twisting the blades to dampen motions from wind, waves and currents.


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