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India-Sri Lanka joint military exercise Mitra Shakti-2017 from October 13-25


Question: On October 13, 2017, where did the fifth India-Sri Lanka joint exercise MITRA SHAKTI 2017 started?
(a) Abbepura
(b) Pune
(c) Visakhapatnam
(d) Waller
Answer: (b)
Related facts:

  • On October 13th, 2017, the fifth India-Sri Lanka Joint Training Exercise MITRA SHAKTI 2017 started Aundh Military Station, Pune.
  • It will be organized from 13 to 25 October 2017.
  • In this joint military exercise, the Indian Army is being represented by the ‘Rajputana Rifles Regiment’ and Sri Lanka Army represented by ‘Singha Regiment’.
  • The exercise is based on Counter Terrorist Operations and an Infantry company from both the countries is participating in the same.
  • Last year, this practice was organized in the Singha Regimental Center, Ambeepusa, Sri Lanka.
  • It is being organized every year since 2012.


Atlas V launches NROL-42 spy satellite

Satellite NROL 42

Question: What type of satellite is US satellite NROL 42?
(a) Weather Satellite
(b) Spy satellite
(c) Telecommunication satellite
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)
Related Facts:

  • On September 23, 2017, the US’s ULA-United Launch Alliance launched the Spy Satellite NROL-42 (National Reconnaissance Office Launch-42) by Atlas V Rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
  • After the establishment of NRO Company in 2006, NROL-42 is the 25th mission, which ULA has launched for NRO.
  • ULA is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing that specializes in the construction and launch of satellites.
  • This satellite will provide the Intelligence information to the US National Security Monitoring Office (NRO-National Reconnaissance Office).
  • This organization provides information related to national security to US leading intelligence agencies.
  • It has been launched in Molniya Orbit.


Indian Army Strike Against NSCN-K Cadre Along Indo-Myanmar Border

Immigration check posts along the borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh

Question:  India has recently opened two immigration check post in the districts of Mizoram on the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh. In which of the following District these check post are situated?
(a) Lawngtlai
(b) Lunglei
(c) Collasib
(d) Mamit
Answer: (a & b) 
Related Facts:

  • On October 1, 2017, India opened two immigration check posts along the bor
    ders with Myanmar and Bangladesh.
  • Central government has designated Zorinpui land check post in Lawngtlai district of Mizoram and Kawrpuichhuah land check post in Lunglei district of Mizoram as an authorised immigration check post for entry into or exit from India with valid travel documents for all classes of passengers to or from Myanmar and Bangladesh respectively.
  • It is significant Zorinpui was selected for a new land custom station along the Indo-Myanmar border in Mizoram for the Kaladan multi-modal project.
  • The remote Zorinpui is 287 km away from Sittwe Port in Myanmar.
  • It is noteworthy that India enjoys close relations with Bangladesh and shares a 4,096-km-long border which touches Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya and West Bengal.


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