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The million formers school

The Million Farmers School (Kisan Pathshala)

Question: The Government of Uttar Pradesh announced the purchase of which of the following crops first time at the minimum support price?
(a) Gram, lentil
(b) Tur, onion
(c) Moong, Gram
(d) Urad, Moong
Answer: (d)
Related Facts:

  • On December 5th, 2017, on the occasion of World Soil Day, Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched the ‘The Million Farmers School’ (Kisan Pathshala) at his official residence.
  • Under this program, through the organizing of 15 thousand schools, awareness of the protection and promotion of soil health will be provided to about 10 lakh farmers of the state, along with information related to the programs run by agriculture and other related departments to double the income of the farmers.
  • On this occasion, the Chief Minister handed over symbolic keys of tractor to 10 Farm Machinery Banks under the Submissions on Agriculture Mechanization Scheme organized by the Central Government.
  • Apart from this, the Chief Minister also launched Mobile App of Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana.
  • During the program, the Chief Minister also released the booklet regarding the information given to farmers in Kisan Vidyalaya and doubling the income of the farmers in 5 years.
  • Kisan Vidyalaya will be organized from 4 pm to 5 pm after the closure of primary and junior high school in selected judicial Panchayats.
  • It will be organized in the first phase from December 5-9, 2017 and in the second phase 11-15 December, 2017.
  • The state government will manage to irrigate 60 thousand hectares of unirrigated land from March to June.
  • For the first time, the state government announced the purchase of urad and moong at the minimum support price.


Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh releases NCRB Publication “Crime in India 2016- Statistics”

Crime in India 2016- Statistics

Question: On November 30th, 2017, Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh released the ‘Crime in India – 2016’ published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs. According to the report which of the following states, has reported highest number of murder in year 2016?
(a) Bihar
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Rajasthan
Answer: (b) 
Related facts: 

  • On November 30th, 2017, Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh released the ‘Crime in India – 2016’ published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • It is for the first  time,  for 19 Metropolitan cities (having population  above  2 million) also, chapters on “Violent Crimes”,” Crime Against Women”,” Crime Against Children”, “Juveniles in conflict with law”, “Crime Against SC/STs”, “Economic Crimes”,” Cyber Crimes”,” Crime Against Senior  Citizens” and “Disposal of Cases by Police and Court” have been included in the report.
  • In addition to first time Statistics on the seizures of Arms, Ammunitions, Drugs and Currency by CAPFs/CPOs (Assam Rifles, CISF, BSF, CRPF, NIA and SSB).
  • Murder cases in the country have shown declining trends during the last three years. Murder cases decreased by 5.2% in 2015-16, from 32,127 cases in 2015 to 30,450 cases in 2016.
  • For States perspective, Uttar Pradesh accounted for 9.5% of total IPC crime reported in the
  • The highest cases of crime were registered in Uttar Pradesh followed by followed by Madhya Pradesh (8.9%), Maharashtra (8.8%) and Kerala (8.7).
  • Cases under ‘Crime Against Women’ have reported a marginal decrease in the year 2016 (3,38,954) compared to the year 2014 (3,39,457), however for 2016, it is a marginal increase compared to 2015 (3,29,243).
  • Delhi City accounted for 38.8% of total IPC crime reported in the cities followed by Bengaluru (8.9%) and Mumbai (7.7%).
  • According to the report, the incidents of murder were highest in Uttar Pradesh.
  • 4,889 cases of murder were reported here, which is 16.1 percent of the total cases.
  • After this, the maximum 2,581 (8.4%) incidents of murder were registered in Bihar.
  • In the year 2014, 14.5 percent of the total cases of crimes against women (49,262 cases) were held in Uttar Pradesh. After this, West Bengal is at second with 9.6 percent (32,513) cases.
  • Rape incidents rose 12.4 percent in the year 2016 compared to year 2015.
  • According to the Reports, the highest rape cases took place in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Out of total incidents, 12.5 percent were in Madhya Pradesh, 12.4 percent in UP and 10.7 percent in Maharashtra.


Cabinet approves setting up of National Nutrition Mission

Cabinet approves setting up of National Nutrition Mission

Question: Recently, Union cabinet has approved setting up of National Nutrition Mission (NNM) with a budget of Rs-
(a) 552.4 crores
(b) 885.17 crores
(c) 9046.17 crores
(d) 8045.17 crores
Answer: (c) 
Related Facts:

  • On November 30th, 2017, Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi yesterday has approved setting up of National Nutrition Mission (NNM).
  • The mission is commencing from 2017-18 with a three year budget of Rs.9046.17 crore.
  • The NNM, as an apex body, will monitor, supervise, fix targets and guide the nutrition related interventions across the Ministries.
  • The proposal consists of
  • Mapping of various Schemes contributing towards addressing malnutrition
  • Introducing a very robust convergence mechanism
  • ICT based Real Time Monitoring system
  • Incentivizing States/UTs for meeting the targets
  • Incentivizing Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) for using IT based tools
  • Eliminating registers used by AWWs
  • Introducing measurement of height of children at the Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) Social Audits
  • Setting-up Nutrition Resource Centres, involving masses through Jan Andolan for their participation on nutrition through various activities, among others.
  • This program will take measures to reduce the level of weight loss of children, short nutrition, deficiency of blood and at the time of birth, through targets.
  • More than 10 crore people will be benefitted by this programme.All the States and districts will be covered in a phased manner i.e. 315 districts in 2017-18, 235 districts in 2018-19 and remaining districts in 2019-20.
  • An amount of 9046.17 crore will be expended for three years commencing from 2017-18.
  • This will be funded by Government Budgetary Support (50%) and 50% by IBRD or other MDB. Government budgetary support would be 60:40 between Centre and States/UTs, 90:10 for NER and Himalayan States and 100% for UTs without legislature.
  • Total Government of India share over a period of three years would be Rs. 2849.54 crore.
  • NNM targets to reduce stunting, under-nutrition, anemia (among young children, women and adolescent girls) and reduce low birth weight by 2%, 2%, 3% and 2% per annum respectively.


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