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36 die in Manila casino attack

Attack on casinos in Manila

Question: Manila, where an unknown gunman attacked and burned a casino on June 2, is a famous city of …
(a) Philippines
(b) Thailand
(c) Maldives
(d) Indonesia
Ans : (a)
Related facts:-

  • On June 2, 2017, an unknown gunman attacked and burned a casino located Manila, the capital of Philippines.
  • More than 36 people died and many others were injured in this attack.
  • This resort is located near Neyoy Aquino International Airport.
  • Terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) claimed the responsibility for this attack.

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Hassan Rouhani wins Iran's presidential election

Presidential election in Iran

Question: Who among the following won the presidential election recently held in Iran?
(A) Dr. Hassan Rouhani
(B) Ebrahim Raisi
(C) Mustafa Mirsalim
(D) Mustafa Hashmi
Ans :(a)
Related facts

  • According to election results declared by the interior ministry of Iran on May 20, 2017, the incumbent President of Iran, Dr. Hassan Rouhani got a decisive victory over his conservative rival Ebrahim Raisi
  • President Dr. Hassan Rouhani received 23,636,652 votes in 41,366,085 votes cast in the country. (57.14%)
  • Elections for Iran’s 12th President were held on May 19, in which about 73% of the people voted.
  • There were four Presidential candidates in the election however hardliner Ibrahim Raisi (38.28% votes) was seen as the main competitor of Hassan Rouhani.
  • Significantly, President is elected for four years in Iran and no President can contest elections for the third consecutive term.
  • According to the provision of Article 117 of the Constitution of Iran, it is mandatory for the candidate to get a minimum of 50% + 1 votes of total votes cast to win the presidential election.
  • If no candidate gets clear majority, a second round of election is conducted between two candidates with highest vote share in the first round.
  • In the political system of Iran, the President is the second highest person. The highest person is the highest religious leader.
  • It is notable that the biggest achievement of Hassan Rouhani’s last four-year term was Iran’s nuclear deal with Western countries, due to which the restrictions on Iran were lifted.

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Global Peace Index-2017

Question- India’s ranking in the ‘Global Peace Index -2017’ is…
(a) 142nd
(b) 137th
(c) 144th
(d) 125th
Ans :(b)
Related facts:-

  • On June 1, 2017, the 11th edition of the ‘Global Peace Index-2017’ was released by the London-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).
  • Based on 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators, Global Peace Index measures the level of peace in 163 countries of the world.
  • These 23 indicators can be classified under three broad subjects-
    (I) Safety and protection level in society
    (Ii) Expansion of domestic and international conflicts and
    (iii) Militarization.
  • Global Peace Index 2017 shows that during the last one year, the level of peace has increased in 93 countries. While the level of peace has declined in 68 countries.
  • According to the latest index, North America is currently the Most Peace Full Region in the world.
  • According to the report, the global economy suffered a total loss of $ 14.3 trillion due to violence in the year 2016. This amount is 12.6 percent of the global GDP.
  • According to the Global Peace Index-2017, Iceland is the world’s most peaceful country for the 10th time with a minimum score of 1.111 among 163 countries while Syria is the most troubled country with a maximum score of 3.814 .
  • Interestingly, Iceland was not included in the first GPI released in 2007.
  • The other peaceful countries following Iceland are:
    (2) New Zealand (Score -1.241), (3) Portugal (Score -1.258), (4) Austria (score -1.265) and (5) Denmark (Score -1.337).
  • The ranking of the most troubled 4 countries after Syria is: (162) Afghanistan (Score: 3.567), (161) Iraq (Score: 3.556), (160) South Sudan (Score: 3.524) and (159) Yemen (score- 3.412).
  • In the Global Peace Index -2017, India is placed at 137th position (Score-2.541) .
  • India was at 141th position last year.
  • Among India’s neighbors Bhutan is at 13th (Score: 1.474), Sri Lanka 80th (Score-2.019), Bangladesh 84th (Score-2.035), Nepal 93rd (Score-2.8), China 116th (Score-2.42) and Pakistan 152th (Score- 3.058) place .
  • The ranking of other major countries of the world is as follows: Canada 8th, Japan 10th, Germany 16th, Singapore 21st, United Kingdom 41st, France 51st, Brazil 108th and the America at 114th position.

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