26th Neerja Bhanot Award

Sarojini Agarwal honoured with Neerja Bhanot Award

Question: Who was recently awarded the 26th Neerja Bhanot Award?
(a) Sonam Kapoor
(b) Sarojini Agarwal
(c) Pooja Thakur
(d) Jhulan Goswami
Answer: (c)
Related Facts:

  • On September 7th, 2016, Haryana Governor, Kaptan Singh Solanki honored Dr. Sarojini Aggarwal with the 26th Neerja Bhanot Award.
  • Dr. Sarojini has established a ‘Manisha Mandir’ for destitute girls in the memory of his late daughter Manisha.
  • Above 700 girls have been provided shelter in this Manisha Mandir.
  • This award is given annually by ‘The Neerja Bhanot Pan Am Trust of India’ to the woman who has faced social injustice faces the situation, overcomes it and then helps others in distress.
  • Under this award, prize the winner is honored with a sum of Rs 1, 50,000, a citation and a trophy.
  • It is notable that this award is given in memory of Neerja Bhanot Neerja, who was the senior flight purser of Pan-Am 73, gave up her life while trying to save the lives of passengers during a terrorist-hijack of a Pan-Am flight at Karachi international airport in Pakistan on September 5, 1986.
  • She was given the Ashoka Chakra, country’s highest peacetime gallantry award for bravery, in 1987, for her act of bravery and sacrifice.


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