Daily : March 10, 2018

International Conference on Sports Management

International Conference on Sports Management

Question: At which of the following places ‘International Conference for discussion on sports management’ is being organized on 8th -10th March, 2018?
(a) Patiala
(b) Chandigarh
(c) New Delhi
(d) Mumbai
Answer: (c)
Related Facts:

  • On 8th-10th March, 2018 ‘International Conference for Discussing Sports Management’ is being organized in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.
  • The conference is being organized at the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education located at Gwalior (MP).
  • The Sports Ministry is organizing this conference with this institute in which new ideas and issues will be discussed in sports management.
  • The aim of this conference will be to exchange new ideas of sports management with different stakeholders to promote performance in sports in the country.


International Women’s Day

Question: ‘International Women’s Day’ is being celebrated by the United Nations since the year-
(a) 1972
(b) 1995
(c) 1975
(d) 1980
Answer: (c)
Related Facts:

  • On March 8th, 2018, International Women’s Day was celebrated across the world.
  • In the year 2018, the theme of this day is “The Time is now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”.
  • It is worth mentioning that this day is celebrated as the occasion of women’s economic, political and social achievements.
  • It is known that during the ‘International Women’s Year’ in the year 1975, the United Nations started celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ on March 8th.
  • On this day (March 8th, 1975), in many countries of the world millions of women done a strike for their rights.
  • It was such a first widespread strike of women by its kind.


India France Agreement

Question: Recently, the Union Cabinet approved the signing of the Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement between India and France. Initially, what is the valid period of this agreement?
(a) 3 years
(b) 5 years
(c) 7 years
(d) 10 years
Answer: (c)
Related Facts:

  • On March 7th, 2018, the some agreements were approved by the Union Cabinet between India and France.
  • Agreement between India and France is on the Prevention of the Illicit Consumption and Reduction of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Chemical Precursors, and related offences.
  • The Agreement is aimed at enhancing mutual cooperation between the two countries in the prevention of the illicit consumption of, and reduction of illicit traffic, in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and chemical precursors and related offences through exchange of information, expertise and capacity building.
  • Establishment of effective institutional interaction and curbing transnational narcotics trafficking including disruption of terrorist financing structures is also envisaged through this Agreement.
  • The Agreement represents a major milestone in enhancing people-to -people contacts, fostering mobility of students, academics, researchers and skilled professionals and strengthening cooperation on issues related to irregular migration and human trafficking between the two sides.
  • The Agreement is a testimony to India’s rapidly expanding multi-faceted relationship with France and symbolizes the increasing trust and confidence between the two sides.
  • The Agreement is initially valid for a period of seven years, incorporates provision for automatic renewal and a monitoring mechanism through a Joint Working Group.


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