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World Organic Congress-2017

World Organic Congress-2017

Question: Which of the following statements is/are true about organic farming-?
(i) Organic agriculture initiates the use of natural ways to increase the health of soil
(ii) Organic agriculture avoids use of chemical fertilizers
(iii) Organic farming instigates domestic animals use to increase the sustainability of the farm
(a) Only (i)
(b) (i) &(ii)
(c) (ii) &(iii)
(d) (i),(ii) &(iii)
Ans: (d)
Related Facts:-

  • On 2017; Union Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, Shri Radha Mohan Singh inaugurated the three-day (November 9-11) Organic World Congress – 2017 at India Expo Centre in Greater Noida.
  • Nearly 1,400 representatives from 110 countries and 2000 delegates from India have been participating in this congress.
  • The International Federation of Organic Farming Movements (IFOAM) and OAFI are organizing the event where 55 seeds group from 15 Indian states will showcase 4,000 varieties of seeds.
  • The Organic World Congress (OWC) is organized once every three years in a different country and this time it is being organised in India.
  • The goal is to move from organic India to the organic world.
  • Shri Singh said it is important to understand that India is one of the oldest organic agricultural nations of the world.
  • The exhibition of carefully preserved diverse indigenous seed varieties over generations is an important event of this congress.
  • The last edition of the Organic World Congress took place in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2014

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Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC)

Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC)

Question: WIPO headquarters is located at-
(b)New York
(d)St Petersburg
Ans: (a)
Related Facts:-

  • India’s second Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) will be established at the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR), Anna University, Chennai.
  • In this regard the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, has signed an Institutional agreement with Anna University on November 8, 2017.
  • This center is being setup under the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) TISC program.
  • WIPO’s Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) program provides innovators in developing countries with access to locally based, high quality technology information and related services.
  • It also helps them to exploit their innovative potential and to create, protect, and manage their Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
  • Over 500 TISCs operate worldwide and establishing a TISC in India will give the host institutions access to the global network
  • The objective of the TISC is to stimulate a dynamic, vibrant and balanced Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) system in India to foster creativity and innovation, thereby promoting entrepreneurship and enhancing social, economic and cultural development
  • CIPR has an experience of filing more than 185 Patents, 29 Trademarks, 39 Copyrights, 25 Industrial Design and has also assisted in filing 12 International Patent Applications.
  • TISC will give a boost to knowledge sharing, sharing of best methods among the TISCs, capacity building, evolution and commercialization of Intellectual Properties

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Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran App

Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran app

Question- RecentlyGrahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran, app’ released by  Piyush Goyal. Which ministry do he belong to?
(a) Ministry of Railways and Coal
(b) Ministry of Environment and Forests
(c) Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
(d) Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Industries
Ans: (a)
Related facts:-

  • In November 2017, Rail and Coal Minister Piyush Goyal launched the ‘Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran’ app.
  • This will benefit the customers of Coal India Limited (CIL) in lifting of coal through road-based means.
  • With this ‘customer friendly app’ there will be transparency in transmission operations. The delivery operation is based on the principle ‘First in First Out’.
  • The main feature of this app is that through this, data can be obtained according to date and truck that how much quantity of coal has been distributed.
  • This app is the initiative of Coal India Limited to achieve Digital India goal.

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